Sunday, June 5, 2011

Learning Rails - Zombies and CRUD

Saturday, we dove into something challenging and our kids were ready for it: IRB (with rails console), hashes and understanding the basics of databases. This was all possible by using Rails for Zombie slides and then modifying them to fit our audience. This is an exciting topic for me and was surprised how energized and creative the kids became once they learned these concepts. OH: "I can create my own twitter? Sweet!"

There were a lot of great questions and discovery as we walked through the lesson called "Twitter for Zombies." We built a simple Rails app with a single form and we put in some fake "tweets" from different zombies. Then, we opened the terminal and learned how to create, read, update and destroy zombie tweets. And nothing is more fun than destroying zombies, right?! Well, their tweets to each other. :-) (nom, nom, nom)

Towards the end, we connected the dots between the scaffold we created and the database that drives the content. This is where the kids got excited and began to ask questions on creating their own Facebook, chat site or even business. These kids get it. They are building and deploying, debugging and creating apps with rails in such a very short time.