Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Restarting ruby4kids this fall -- arduino/mindstorms here we come

We are getting ready to start our ruby4kids sessions again this fall. We are looking at arduino and Lego mindstorms as a way to show kids how to program.

We are planning on using this tank for the arduino, maybe have rf receivers so that we can send instructions to it from a computer and write the ruby program on the computer itself.

For Lego mindstorms, we might go with the regular Lego demos just so that the kids can be exposed on the LabView approach to developing for microprocessors. Looking at ruby-nxt for this.

Getting ready for classes. Here is a snippet of code showing the initial testing of ruby-serialport and using Firmata on the Arduino. Here is a quick video of the code in action showing the LED 13 blinking, the servo moving positions and a motor running and stopping. None of the code resides on the arduino, only Firmata. All the commands for action come via serial from ruby on the laptop. Once we get the rf antennas for the arduino and laptop, we can remove the usb cable and we will be going wireless up to 300 ft, enough to have the tank go places ...