Sunday, January 22, 2012

On to vim

We have been with this group of kids for about a year. We have looked at Ruby with the Gosu game library, we have looked at ruby on rails (although that was too advanced at the time), we have looked at NXC. The kids now have a good handle on what the steps needed to build a program, they have seen a couple of programming languages. It is time to solidify their knowledge and start on key building blocks.

It is time for the kids to pick an editor. We will do our best to steer them towards vim. It is the defacto standard with startups and the editor they are most likely to encounter if the kids stay in this field. So this Saturday we picked up vim for the first time. We showed them Derek Wyatt's intro video, the kids really enjoyed it; Derek is funny and I think he sold them on vim.

We will work through the tutorial and plugins. We will also re-introduce git, it is also time that they pick their source control system. They all have github accounts, but now we will stress its functionality and we will use this as a way to get a group project going. We will also revisit Ruby and the Gosu framework.

It is a second view at git and ruby, but now with 8 months of exposure to programming. It will be good to see how well they take it now. And all the while, they will be using vim as their only editor. As a matter of fact, I have challenged them to use vim as their only typing tool for all their homework also.

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